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CCSM, short for Compiz Config Settings Manager, is a configuration tool for Compiz Fusion. This is where you set all options for your Compiz Fusion configuration. TableOfContents

Using CCSM

Using CCSM is simple and fast. Just click on the plugin you want to configure from the list, and change the options for it. You can drag the sliders and change keybindings.

To enable or disable plugins, uncheck and check them. Most plugins can be separately disabled, but some depend on others. CCSM will inform you if you are about to disable such plugins.



A search bar at the top left corner lets you find the plugin you want quickly and easily. There is also an advanced search option which lets you search for descriptions as well as settings values. This view also gives you an alternative way to browse through plugins.


The plugins are generally broken up into 8 categories:

  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Desktop
  • Effects
  • Extras
  • Image Loading
  • Utility
  • Window Management

You can choose a category from the list on the left sidebar, if you wish, clicking All to return to the main view.


The preferences section of CCSM is quite broken currently. Profiles don't seem to be importable, and some options are meaningless. This should change over time, however, as CCSM develops.