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CCSM, short for Compiz Config Settings Manager, is a configuration tool for Compiz Fusion. It is used to configure the many plugins included in Compiz and Compiz Fusion, as well as the use of various profiles and intergrating better with existing desktop settings. CCSM uses the LibCompizConfig compiz configuration system. TableOfContents

Using CCSM

The main view in CCSM contains a list of the plugins you have installed. To view and edit the settings for a plugin, click on its icon. Hover the mouse over a plugin to view its description.

To enable or disable plugins, check or uncheck the boxes next to them. Most plugins can be separately disabled, but some depend on others. CCSM will inform you if you are about to disable such plugins, or if you need to enable other plugins to provide functionality to the one you enable.



A search bar at the top left corner allows for quick and easy filtering of the plugin list by matching the text you enter; partial text also works. You can also use this filter box to filter through options when navigating a plugin's page.

The advanced search button on the plugins page allows you to filter through all options of all plugins. It does take a while to load, as all the metadata must be parsed first. When using advanced search, you can find options by name, long description and by what value you have set them to. When entering criteria into the filter, the list of plugins that match that filter will narrow down. By clicking on the plugin, you can see which groups contain the option you have searched for. Clicking on that group will bring you to a filtered options page.


The plugins are divided into 8 categories:

  • General

  • Accessibility

  • Desktop

  • Effects

  • Extras

  • Image Loading

  • Utility

  • Window Management

You can choose a category from the list on the left sidebar, if you wish, clicking All to return to the main view.

Changing options

Changing an option in CCSM is fairly intuitive.

Basic option changing

  • To change a value for an option in CCSM, you just need to scroll the slider bar, or enter the value into the box containing the value.
  • To enable / disable an option, just check or uncheck the box.
  • To change a type of option, just click on the combo box and select the option you want.

Window matches

You will need to enter a 'Window Match' into the box. For more information on how to write a window match, see ["WindowMatching]


You will need to enter a string. This can be anything from a directory to a command, depending on what the option is.


These usually contain a list of options to follow, a list of files or a string. To add a value to the list, press the 'Add' button. Edit a value with 'Edit' and delete a value with 'Delete.' Moving the entry up and down the list changes it's priority. Adding a value to the list usually opens a new window relevant to what you are adding, a file would open up a file browser, a string would open up a window to enter a string, etc.



The Preferences section is where you can save and export your settings to a .profile file, or import an existing one.