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Compiz Fusion Community Code of Conduct

Key words: Calm, respectful, understanding, intelligent, useful

  1. Be respectful to others and of their opinions, always.

  2. Try and understand other contributors' perspectives. If you require more detail or information about a particular item, it is your responsibility to ask or research on your own.

  3. Always believe that everyone wants to do the best for the project.
  4. Before posting anything or replying on the ML or forums, take a moment before hitting Send to ask yourself the following:

    1. Are you saying anything which might offend anyone, either intentionally or unintentionally (as a result of language barriers, or otherwise)?
    2. Will this post benefit the discussion or project?
    3. Have these things been said or discussed already?
    4. Are your statements informed, or are they based on your own opinions and assumptions?
    5. Are you posting a suggestion, a solution or a problem? If it is the third, do not hit Send; start a new topic instead, asking if this problem can be addressed.

  5. Before making any suggestions, please ask yourself the following questions:
    1. Will my suggestion really benefit the project?
    2. Is my suggestion really the best solution for the project's needs?
    3. Is there another viable alternative to my suggestion?
    4. Is my suggestion feasible to establish and maintain?
    5. If it is not currently feasible, what would be required to implement it?
  6. Please stick to the topic at hand.
  7. If you are experiencing a problem, please check the FAQ first to see is a configuration problem, or a common problem that can be resolved easily.

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