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Collin Pruitt

How to Contact Me

Email: <collinp111 AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

Launchpad Profile: Collin Pruitt

Ubuntu Wiki Page: Collin15

IRC: irc.freenode.net
{1} ##ubuntuforums-beginners
{2} ##Hellow
{3} /msg Hellow
My IRC nick is Hellow

IM (less preferred than any other): AIM: Collinp6, Yahoo: collinp111


About Me

"Common sense often makes good law. - William O. Douglas" That quote is very, very true. I remember once, on a forum, someone commented on how logical I thought. I said, "Don't think I am Spock, for I am not :)". Really, don't think I am Spock off Star Trek. Really. I don't speak (type?) logical much anymore as it gets on my nerves just trying. If you see me acting like an idiot, let me know :).

What I Do

Well, anyways, I like to bide my time chatting in the above IRC chats and talking on many forums, two being the Compiz Fusion forums and the Ubuntu forums. I know how to code in Bash (not all too advanced) and I am learning Python. I haven't made anything much in the way of working and useful, but once I did make a compile script that could compile nearly everything. That is long buried in the deep and dark depths that I call my hard drive. Anyways, seeing as this is a Compiz Fusion wiki, might as well list what hardware I run compiz on: {*}Computer Model: HP Pavilion xt973 {*}CPU: Intel Celeron 1.1GHz {*}RAM: 512MBs {*}Graphics Card: EVGA Geforce 6200 512MB Never ask me to record any videos of my desktop as it would be impossible. If I could get xvidcap working... possibly.

What I Wish To Accomplish

I wish to become a partial developer of plugins and the like for Compiz. I wish to become a Ubuntu Member. I wish to complete my knowledge of Python. I wish to stick around for a long time ;).

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