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Compiz Extras was the name given to a package of extra plugins for use with the original Compiz core packages.

These extra plugins provided extra usability and eye-candy features such as:

  • Animation: animation effects for window events
  • Benchmark: plugin to gauge performance
  • Bs: brightness and saturation control
  • Crashhandler: crash handling through gdb and recovery
  • Inputzoom: Enhanced Zoom plugin
  • Neg: Inverts color of window or desktop
  • Put: moves windows using key binds
  • Snow: Displays falling snow on the desktop
  • Showdesktop: Hides window and shows desktop
  • Trailfocus: unfocused windows fade with time

Most of these plugins and the ones from the Beryl Project can now be found as part of the Compiz Fusion package.

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