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  Launches the '''[:CCSM:Compizconfig Settings Manager]'''.   Launches the '''[[CCSM|Compizconfig Settings Manager]]'''.
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  Launches the '''[:EmeraldThemeManager:Emerald Theme Manager]'''.   Launches the '''[[EmeraldThemeManager|Emerald Theme Manager]]'''.


The Compiz Fusion Icon is a simple panel applet for starting and controlling Compiz Fusion. Upon launch, it will attempt to start Compiz Fusion automatically. You may need to select a window decorator, if one does not appear.

In most cases, you can find Compiz Fusion under Applications -> System Tools -> Compiz Fusion Icon, or the equivalent in your desktop environment's menu. You can also run fusion-icon & from a console.


  • Settings Manager

  • Emerald Theme Manager

  • Reload Window Manager

    • Reloads the current window manager.
  • Select Window Manager

    • Allows you to switch between window managers.
  • Compiz Options

    • Allows you to enable Indirect Rendering or Loose Binding.

  • Select Window Decorator

    • Allows you to choose which window decorator Compiz uses.
  • Quit

    • Closes the Compiz Fusion Icon, but does not end your Compiz Fusion session.

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