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 * '''[:PluginsMain:plugins-main]'''
 * '''[:PluginsExtra:plugins-extra]'''
 * '''[:PluginsUnsupported:plugins-unsupported]'''
 * '''[[PluginsMain|plugins-main]]'''
 * '''[[PluginsExtra|plugins-extra]]'''
 * '''[[PluginsUnsupported|plugins-unsupported]]'''

Official Compiz Fusion Plugins come in three main plugin packs. These are:

The following lists all plugins from these packs:

Plugins Main

  • Animation

    • Choose among several highly customisable animations for opening, closing, minimising, shading, and focusing windows. They range from subtle motions such as zooming into or out from the taskbar, to extravagant fire and beam effects.
  • Brightness and Saturation

    • Fade a window toward or away from gray, and adjust its brightness.
  • Color filter

    • Modify the way certain colours are shown to make the screen more readable to visually impaired users. Or if there's a colour you positively despise, you can use this rid yourself of it.

  • Desktop Wall

    • Arrange your viewports into a grid, which you can freely slide across. This works well in combination with the Expo plugin.

  • Expo

    • Zoom out to see all of your viewports at once. Easily drag and drop windows across viewports to reorganise them.
  • Enhanced Zoom Desktop

    • Zoom in for a clearer view and continue working with your computer while zoomed in. This is an improved version of the Zoom plugin.

  • JPEG

    • Allow Compiz to use JPEG images for the desktop cube's caps, the skydome, and other elements with customizable images.
  • Magnifier

    • Magnify the portion of the screen around your mouse cursor.
  • Mousepoll

    • Needed by other plugins to track mouse movement. Plugins that depend on this functionality include Magnifier and Show mouse.

  • Negative

    • Improve contrast by inverting the colours in a particular window or across the whole screen.
  • Opacify

    • Cause overlapping windows to automatically fade out when your mouse pointer hovers over a partially obscured window.
  • Put

    • Move a window into the centre of your screen, or send it to any corner or edge with one press of a button.
  • Resize info

    • See exactly how many pixels wide and tall a window is as you resize it.
  • Ring Switcher

    • An alternative to the Application Switcher. This one lets you arrange your windows into a ring as you consider which one to focus.

  • Scale Addons

    • Add more options to the Scale plugin. Now you can see each window's title when you mouse hovers over it, as well as close and zoom windows without leaving Scale mode.

  • Shift Switcher

    • An alternative to the Application Switcher. This one lets you arrange your windows into a standing deck or flipping stack of thumbnails.

  • Snapping Windows

    • Make your windows snap to each other and the edges of the screen even when the Wobbly plugin is disabled.

  • Text

  • Viewport Switcher

    • Initiate viewport switching actions such as switching viewports and cube rotation with the middle-mouse button. You can also switch by selecting which number viewport your want to go to.
  • Window Previews

    • See a small thumbnail of a window when your mouse cursor hovers over its button in the taskbar.
  • Window Rules

    • Matching windows by name, type, or other criteria to make them visible on all viewports, stay above other windows, and follow other special rules.
  • Workarounds

    • Choose from several workarounds that may improve behaviour of legacy or non-standard applications.

Plugins Extra

  • 3D Windows

    • Make windows rise above the surface of the Desktop Cube as it rotates.

  • ADD Helper

    • Darken every other window to help yourself concentrate on what you're working on now.
  • Benchmark

    • See exactly how smoothly Compiz can run on your system by showing the number of frames being rendered per second.
  • Crash handler

    • See a debugging backtrace when Compiz crashes. You may also specify a fall-back window manager to switch to in case Compiz crashes.
  • Cube Caps

    • Decorate the top and bottom faces of the cube with an image of your choice.
  • Cube Gears

    • Place the famous glxgears gears into the cube. The transparent cube option must be enabled for the gears to be visible.

  • Cube Reflection

    • Add a reflective ground to the Compiz Cube plugin.
  • Extra WM Actions

    • Use shortcut keys to toggle various states of the window, such being sticky or above other windows. There are other states as well, which are described in more detail on this plugin's page.
  • Error Notifications

    • Display messages from Compiz in the system notification area so that you don't need to run Compiz in a console to see them.
  • Fade to Desktop

    • Fade windows out to reveal the desktop.
  • Paint fire on the screen

    • Draw fire anywhere on your screen. You can continue to use your computer even as the fire is burning!
  • Group and Tab Windows

    • Arrange windows into groups to move and resize them all at the same time. You can also group related windows into a single, tabbed window to save space.
  • Login/Logout

    • Smoothly fade the desktop in or out when you login and logout.
  • Maximumize

    • Make a window just large enough to fill unoccupied screen space without overlapping any more windows.
  • Motion blur

    • See a motion blur for different screen animations.
  • Reflection

    • Give translucent windows a reflective look by superimposing a reflection map over translucent regions.
  • Scale Window Title Filter

    • Add more functionality to the Scale plugin. Now you can search for windows in Scale mode by typing a part of a window's title.

  • Shelf

    • Scale down individual windows to keep them out of your way, yet easily visible.
  • Show desktop

    • Slide all windows toward the edges or corners of the screen to reveal the desktop.
  • Show mouse

    • Draw attention to your mouse cursor with trails of light and motion.
  • Splash

    • Show an animated logo image when Compiz starts.
  • Trailfocus

    • Leave a trail of progressively dimmer windows as you hop from window to window. This lets you see long it's been since you last focused a particular window.
  • Widget Layer

    • Place windows of your choice onto a widget layer that can be shown or hidden with a shortcut key. It's a lot like OS X's Dashboard.

Plugins Unsupported

  • Fake ARGB

    • Makes certain parts of windows transparent
  • Snow

    • Makes snow fall on your desktop
  • Mouse Switch

    • Allows you to switch viewports using a mouse gesture
  • Tile

    • Tiles your windows, either in equal space, horizontally or vertically

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