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We welcome new developers to our community. See these documents to get basic help.

The code changes constantly, so the information located here is somewhat limited.

Doxygen Documentation

A lot of function and class descriptions can be found using our Doxygen auto-generated documentation

It is automatically updated whenever new changes are checked in, so it is the most recent documentation available.

Compiz Coding

There was a complete API rewrite between Compiz versions 0.8 and 0.9. You should develop for 0.9 unless you need legacy backward support for older platforms.

General Information

Getting help

See Join our community for information on how to find the IRC channel and mailing lists.

The best place to ask for development help is on IRC. During peak hours (daytime and evenings CET), you can usually get quality answers from fellow developers.

More complex problems should be asked on the development mailing list, dev@lists.compiz-fusion.org

Current Developments and Propositions

Whenever possible, the developers are cooking up something new. Here is a list of current propositions and ongoing development that you may be able to help out with. Please do not put your own ideas here, developers will add information pages of things they are working on or propose.

Check out the propositions here.

Check out our GSoC Proposals.

Older Documentation

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