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Compiz++ is a possible future branch of compiz written by both current core maintainers Danny "maniac" Baumann and Dennis "onestone" Kasprzyk. It was made publicly available on December 24th, 2008. Compiz++ has a few important differences to compiz, including:

  • Written in C++ instead of C
  • CMake Build System
  • Dropped support for Multi-Display and Multi-Screen, just start one compiz instance per screen and / or display
  • All rendering moved into composite and opengl plugins, those must be loaded in order to use opengl effects or composite effects.
    • In addition, all their functions were moved into the respective plugins, which means they must be wrapped separately
  • Reparenting window decorations, so compiz can run as a normal window manager
  • Completely different method of hooking functions, which is more intelligent and hooks can be easily disabled by plugins.

Dennis has made some documentation available on the OpenCompositing obby, however that is inaccessible to most users, so it has been reposted here. Be warned that Dennis can change the obby whenever he likes so this may be out of date

Other community documentation

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