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Launchpad Usage

Compiz development is hosted on Launchpad and done using bzr. It can be built on any distribution, although automated testing happens on Ubuntu.

Getting the code

Check out the code using bzr:

bzr branch lp:compiz

Proposing changes

Compiz uses pre-commit code review since 0.9.4. This is done using the launchpad merge request interface.

Push your work to a separate branch on launchpad:

bzr push lp:~your-username/compiz/compiz.branchname

Access the work on and hit "Propose for merging".

Fill in what commit message the branch should have, and also a description of what the branch changes. The project infrastructure will run the unit test suite and a few other performance stress tests on the code for every revision.

Getting changes merged

Developers who are members of ~compiz-team have permission to merge in changes after they have been approved. This is done by changing the branch status to "approved" on launchpad. A cron job will automatically merge the branch once the build is green.

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