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  • Allow options to have child-options
  • <option> tag within an option

  • GConf, KDE and INI backends will need to be modified to store options on-the-fly. These options will have a name, but will have a parent_option tag
  • CompOption struct will have a CompOption and nSubOptions

  • CCSM will display suboptions as it displays subgroups
  • Multiple suboptions based on restricted string settings, boolean options etc. If statement handling would be added to xml

Use cases

  • Animation can't have animation specific options within it's multi-list entries. Instead it has a textbox to manually define option values. This needs to be replaced with something more user-friendly
  • Elements can't have more than one texture without adding another multi-list entry and setting element iters. Elements should allow you to have cascading entries for textures.
  • Wallpaper, one must use complicated syntax in order to have multiple wallpapers and / or configure them. This should be replaced.


  • <option> tags within options in the metadata, this is how suboptions will be defined

  • libcompizconfig backend work, store the new modified options with a 'suboption' tag and a link to it's parent option
  • We need to make use of unique identifiers in the options
  • ccp plugin also needs to handle setting compOptions, allocating memory etc
  • CCSM needs to display 'suboptions' in subgroup view, in the case of lists in list, add a 'plus' to each entry, suboptions are directly editable from there


  • XML parser might get confused if we nest 'option' tags
  • Backends might have trouble correctly storing with links, we need to look into this.

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