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=== How-to's, tutorials etc ===

 *[[/GLESPorting | Porting plugins to use the new OpenGL plugin API]]

Compiz 0.9.x Series

The 0.9.x series is the development branch of compiz, and should be considered the master branch for all work going forward.

Getting the code

Compiz is hosted on launchpad. You can fetch the code with bzr:

bzr branch lp:compiz

Building it

See the compile guide.

Coding Help

Class Documentation

We also have reference documentation of several key classes which you may come across

Libdecoration Documentation

Libdecoration, the framework to program decorators for compiz to also has some documentation

Libcompizconfig Documentation

Libcompizconfig, the settings framework, also has some documentation how to write settings backends

Python Compizconfig Documentation

Documentation for the compizconfig-python bindings, for writing settings applications easily in python.

How-to's, tutorials etc

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