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Package Installation


Compiz is a compositing window manager that utilizes modern graphics drivers for X on the Linux desktop. As such, it could potentially trigger problems in X or related drivers. You should take caution when using Compiz. You probably wouldn't want to install is on important production machines, such as servers, business workstations or other systems where uptime is crucial. It is however, suitable for normal desktop use. In the event that Compiz causes system failure or data loss, you will need to know how to recover your system. The 0.8.x version of compiz is stable and mostly feature complete in the sense that it is less likely to fail and currently recieving only maintenance updates. The 0.9.x version of compiz is in an unstable state, which means it is more likely to exhibit bugs and crashes.


The following are links to your distributions' installation guides'. It is a good idea to try and follow these first, as they are more tailored to your distributions' default setup, and you will therefore have more success with them. They involve the use of using your distributions' package management system and their repositories. The version of Compiz they offer will vary from distribution to distribution.

You may also find guides to compiling here.

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