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Supported Cards

Compiz will only work with graphic cards with at least 64 MB of memory, and whose drivers are capable of supporting the X Composite extension and the GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap OpenGL extension. But even if the required extensions are not supported by your card's driver, software solutions such as Xgl may be able to provide them.

Tested OK

Cards tested to work, driver required, and performance notes:

  • (card / driver / distro / notes)
  • Intel 945 card / intel driver / Fedora 11 / best and most compatible card I have tested so far
  • Intel 965 card / intel driver / Fedora 11 / compiz works but much slower that on Intel 945

Compatible Specs

Cards theoretically compatible by specs, driver required, and performance notes:

  • (card / driver / notes)

Tested FAIL

Cards tested to fail, driver(s) tested, and specific failures:

  • (card / driver(s) / notes)


Distributions as new as 2009

As of a few years ago, memory managers have been introduced in the Intel DRM kernel modules and so DRI2 and all OpenGL features are available out of the box with no additional setup required.

Older Distributions

/!\ These instructions are now out-of-date and are only here for historical reasons.

Instructions for setting up AIGLX for an Intel GMA graphics card can be found on the Intel with AiGLX page. For setting up Xgl, see Intel with Xgl.

AIGLX rendering


  • Slightly faster than Xgl in most cases
  • Allows for hardware rendering of OpenGL and XVideo
  • Slightly easier to set up in most cases


  • OpenGL and XVideo are not redirected and transformed; therefore, blue regions or flickering will occur when the window is transformed by an effect.
  • Fragment Environment Variables are broken, so Water, Blur and Reflection will not work correctly (if at all)

    • Exception: In Compiz from the Git master branch (which requires XCB), Workarounds includes a fix for this.

Xgl rendering


  • Redirects OpenGL and XVideo, allowing effects to be applied to them without distortion.
  • All fragment program operations (eg. those used by Water, Blur and Reflection) will work.


  • OpenGL and XVideo are software-rendered, which means they will be very slow

  • Slightly more difficult to set up

General Hints

  • Make sure the FrameBufferCompression option in your xorg.conf Device section is set to false on mobile chipsets. That'll give you much smoother animations.

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