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Configurando tu Intel GMA para poder usar la AceleraciĆ³n Indirecta de RenderizaciĆ³n GLX

[:Intel with AiGLX/es:Intel con AiGLX]


  • Slightly faster than Xgl in most cases
  • Allows for hardware rendering of openGL and XVideo
  • Slightly easier to set up in most cases


  • openGL and XVideo are not redirected and transformed, therefore causing blueness or flickering if an effect is performed on the window.
  • Fragment Environment Variables are broken, so water, blur and reflection won't work properly

Set up your Intel GMA to run Xgl rendering

["Intel with Xgl"]


  • Redirects openGL and XVideo, allowing effects to be applied to them
  • All fragment program operations will work


  • openGL and XVideo are software-rendered, which means they will be very slow

  • Slightly harder to set up