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Card(Plugin align=right, name=ADD Helper, icon=plugin-addhelper.png, pack=[:PluginsExtra:Plugins Extra], cat=Accessibility, hist=)

ADD Helper forces focus on the active window by darkening the desktop and all open windows except the currently selected window. This lets the users focus remain on the selected window instead of becoming distracted by other windows/applications that are also currently open.

ADD Helper still allows interaction with other open windows, it is a visual plugin only. If a different window is selected either manually or with a task switcher, ADD Helper will automatically give that window the focus.


Toggle ADD Helper On/Off





Adjustment results

Window Types

Configure which windows can be be affected by ADD Helper

Uses standardized [:WindowMatching:Window Matching] rules


Adjusts the brightness of background (non-focus) windows

Lower values are darker


Adjusts the saturation of background (non-focus) windows

Lower values have less color (Black & White)


Adjusts the opacity of background (non-focus) windows

Lower values are more transparent