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Annotate is the genetic predecessor to the popular Paint Fire plug-in.

Annotate allows the user to draw on a virtual layer above all other layers on their screen. This is the predecessor to the "Paint Fire on Screen" plugin. It is useful if you want to highlight a particular item for a screen-shot or provide emphasis to specific content during a Presentation.

Using Annotate

Press and hold the Initiate binding to beging drawing lines on the screen. Holding the keys while releasing and re-clicking the mouse will make spaces in the line drawn allowing the user to "lift" the marker to a new position. The Initiate Erase binding works very much like a pencil eraser allowing the user to selectively erase portions of the line. To clear all of the lines from the screen the user can press the Clear binding.

The plugin allows configuring line widths and colors as per the chart below, however, the eraser is fixed at 20 pixels.






<Alt><Super>Button 1

Draws lines on the screen

Initiate Erase

<Alt><Super>Button 3

Selectively erases lines on the screen

Clear (keyboard)


Clears all lines drawn on the screen

Clear (mouse)


Clears all lines drawn on screen with mouse input

Annotate Fill Color


Color Picker to choose what color the lines will be

Annotate Stroke Color


Color Picker to choose what color the strokes will be

Line Width


Number of pixels wide the lines will be drawn in

Stroke Width


Number of pixels wide the strokes will be drawn in

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