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The Color filter plugin filters out and replaces colors either in a window or on the entire screen.

<!> This plugin requires that you have the GL_ARB_fragment_program extension. It must be available with your graphics card, and your X Server must expose it.

Basic Usage

Once enabled, you can do the following:

  • toggle a window to be filtered by pressing the <Super>f key combination

  • switch filters by pressing <Super>s

  • toggle filtering for the entire screen, with <Super>d

The Color filter plugin comes with some basic filters to demonstrate what is possible:

  • Negative: Turns the colors in windows the opposite of what they were

  • Negative-Green: Turns the windows negative, then changes most colors to green, leaving mostly shades of black and green

  • Blueish-Filter: Turns the colors in windows slightly more blue

  • Sepia: Turns the colors in windows to a sepia tone

  • Grayscale: Turns the colors in windows to grayscale

Adding filters

To add a filter, just add an entry to the list specifying where the filter file can be found. You can use the file open dialog if you wish.

The filter files use the OpenGL Fragment Program syntax. To find out more about this, you can read the guide to the OpenGL fragment program.

Other options

  • Filter Window Decorations allows you to apply filters to the window decorations, rather than only the window contents.

  • You can also use Window Matching rules to specify which windows to filter and which windows not to filter when Screen filtering is on.

Negative Alternative

An alternative for the "Negative" filter, if it is not supported by your hardware or driver, is xcalib. To invert the screen palette with xcalib:

  • xcalib -i -a

Other filtering may me possible with xcalib also. Not that xcalib is not part of Compiz Fusion.

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