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Card(Plugin align=right, name=Firepaint, icon=plugin-firepaint.png, pack=[:PluginsExtra:Plugins Extra], cat=Effects, hist=,)

Firepaint is an eye candy plugin which enables the user to draw on the screen with fire particles (similar to those from the [:Plugins/Animation#head-0a30508088c6419f1b222114d6b5c4f012780bd5:Burn] effect).



To begin drawing, press <Shift><Super>Button1 and move the mouse. Fire particles will continue to be drawn for as long as Button1 is held down.

Drawing is cumulative; fire particles will not disappear until either the Number of particles has been reached (see the Configuration section below), or the user presses <Shift><Super>c to clear the screen of all fire particles.


Number of particles

The maximum number of fire particles which can be on the screen at any time. If you draw more particles than this number, then the oldest particles will disappear to comply with the limit.

Fire Particle Size

How big each fire particle is.

Fire Particle Slowdown

The lower this number, the sooner the fire particles scatter after being created. At a high setting, the fire particles linger where they are created.

Fire Particle Color

The color of the fire particles. This affects all particles.

Randomly Colored Fire

Each fire particle continuously shifts through random colors. The overall color, when they are combined in dense clusters, is white.

Background brightness

The brightness of the screen when Firepaint is active.