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Group and Tab Windows



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Window Management

The Group and Tab Windows plugin offers the ability to group arbitrary windows together and interact with them in group contexts. Grouped windows can also be tabbed together. Overall, this plugin is useful for simplifying window management, particularly when an application spawns many separate windows which would otherwise require micromanagement.

Selecting and grouping windows

Windows can be selected in two ways:

  • using the mouse, by pressing <Shift><Super>Button1; drag a box around windows to select them

  • using the keyboard, by pressing <Super>s to add the currently focused window to the selection

After they have been selected, they can be grouped together, ungrouped, or individually removed from the group.

  • Group Windows: press <Super>g to group the selected windows together

  • Ungroup Windows: press <Super>u to disband the entire group of the focused window

  • Remove Group Window: press <Super>r to remove the focused window from its group (leaving the others grouped)

Group actions

A window action performed upon one window can also be simultaneously done to all windows in its group. The following options are available for determining which actions are applied to the entire group:

  • Move every window in the group

  • Resize every window in the group

  • Maximize every window in the group

  • Minimize every window in the group

  • Shade every window in the group

  • Raise every window in the group

Tabbing windows


Grouped windows can also be tabbed together, that is, combined into one tabbed window, with the ability to switch between them as though they were tabs within a single window.

To tab the currently selected group, press <Super>t.

Once a group has been tabbed, the single remaining visible window will have a tab bar visible when hovering the mouse cursor over its titlebar. The tab bar contains live thumbnails of all the windows in the group.

Using tabbed windows


Click on a thumbnail in the tab bar to switch to the corresponding window. Alternatively, <Super>Left and <Super>Right can be pressed to flip through the tabbed windows.

The order of the tabbed windows can also be rearranged by clicking and dragging the thumbnails within the tab bar. If there are multiple tabbed groups, then thumbnails can also be dragged between different tab bars to move windows between groups accordingly.



Once grouped, a colored glow will appear around each of the windows. If you want to disable the glow, you can do so in CCSM by disabling the option at Group and Tab Windows plugin -> Glow tab -> Enable Glow.

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