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The Group and Tab plugin offers some extensive window management features that allow you to group your windows and easily flip between them, or have actions applied to grouped windows simultaneously. This is useful if you dislike window clutter, or have one application that spawns several windows which you don't want to move separately.

Grouping Windows

To group windows, hold down the <Super> (or Windows) key, then click and hold down the left mouse button. You can select windows by dragging the area over the windows. You can also select windows individually by pressing <Super> + S while they are focused, then group them together with <Super> + G. Once grouped, a colored glow will appear around each of the windows. If you want to disable the glow, you can do so in ["CCSM"] by disabling the option at Group and Tab Windows plugin -> Glow tab -> Enable Glow.

Actions applied

By default, when windows are grouped, you can move, raise and minimize them all at the same time, simply by performing the action on any one of them. In the options, you can select the actions which should be applied to all windows:

  • Move every window in the group
  • Resize every window in the group
  • Maximize every window in the group
  • Minimize every window in the group
  • Shade every window in the group
  • Raise every window in the group

To group and ungroup windows, you can use <Super> + G and <Super> + U respectively. If you want to remove a window from a group, make sure that window is focused and press <Super> + R.


Tabbing Windows

With the Group and Tab Windows plugin, you can also combine a group of windows into one, with a "tab bar" that allows you to switch between them. This tab bar contains live thumbnails of all the windows in the group, and it becomes visible when the mouse cursor is hovering over the one window's titlebar. To tab windows together, make sure that the windows you want to tab are selected or grouped, then press <Super> + T. This will leave one of the windows visible, while the others become hidden and accessible via the window's tab bar.


To switch between tabbed windows, hover the mouse cursor over the window's titlebar and select the target window's thumbnail from the tab bar. Or, you can press <Super> + Left/Right to navigate through the tabs in a specific direction. You can also 'slot-drag' to re-organize windows in a group and move windows from group to group. To do this, simply select a thumbnail in the window's taskbar and drag it to another slot, or even another group's tab bar. The window will change its place and group automatically.