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Head Tracking






Originally Wiitrack. Changed to Head Tracking after webcam functionality was added.

The Head Tracking plugin allows you to use a webcam or a Wiimote to track the location of your face relative to your screen and use that information to distort Compiz's OpenGL projection to give your desktop a real 3d feel. Head Tracking also adds real 3d depth to your windows based on their stacking order to make the effect more noticeable.

If you plan on using a Wii Remote with infrared lights to track the location of your head, you will need to use the Wiimote plugin.

Using Head Tracking

  • Head Tracking has a few debug controls you can use:

  • <Alt><Super>Page_Up - Move window further into cube

  • <Alt><Super>Page_Down - Move window closer to viewer

  • <Alt><Super>W,A,S,D - Pan camera up, left, down, right, respectively

  • <Alt><Super>Q,E,R - Move camera out, in, and reset camera, respectively

  • <Alt><Super>T - Toggle mouse tracking

Configuration Options


Standard options for Head Tracking

Enable Webcam Tracking

Enable use of OpenCV and a webcam to track your head

Enable Wiimote Tracking

Enable polling of data from Wiimote

Tracker calibration

Calibration options for tracking

Tracker Above Screen

Is your tracking device above your screen?

Height Adjustment

Adjust the height of your head relative to the screen

Width Adjustment

Adjust perceived distance of your head

Wiimote Vertical Angle

At what angle, in hundredths of radians, is your tracking device

Webcam Tuning

Specific configuration options for a webcam

Depth Adjustment

Adjust the distance, this is temporary until depth detection is added for webcams

Image Scale

A higher value here will give quicker detection but less accuracy

Avoid jumpings and tremblings

Increase stability of tracking

Smoothen the movements

Keeps movement from being jumpy


Debugging configuration

Camera Movement Increment

How much the virtual head moves when you press a key

Mouse Screen Percentage

How much of the real screen represents the screen when you use mouse tracking

Enable Debugging Keys

Enable debugging actions


Options for three-dimensional window stacking

Window Depth

How far apart stacked windows should be.

Stack Padding

How far in front of the screen the top window should be

Fade Time

Length of Z-order change animation

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