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[[Card(Plugin align=right, name=Motion Blur, icon=plugin-mblur.png, pack=[:PluginsExtra:Plugins Extra], cat=Effects, hist=)]] <<Card(Plugin align=right, name=Motion Blur, icon=plugin-mblur.png, pack=[[PluginsExtra|Plugins Extra]], cat=Effects, hist=)>>

Motion Blur



Plugins Extra



The Motion Blur plugin offers a motion blur effect, achieved by blending frames together into an animated time-lapse image.


The motion blur effect can be toggled via <Control>F12.


Motion Blur on Transformed Screen

Motion Blur mode

The method used to create the motion blur. Can be either Texture Copy or Accumulation buffer.

Motion Blur Strength

The intensity of the blur effect. The higher this value, the blurrier the effect.

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