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Move Window



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Window Management

Initial Compiz Plugin

The Move Window plugin provides the basic functionality to move windows.

Using Move Window

  • To move a window, grab it's titlebar and drag it.
  • To initiate a window move on any part of a window, press <Alt>Button1

  • To initiate a window move for any part of the window, press <Alt>F7. To uninitiate a window move, press <Alt>F7 again


  • Opacity refers to how transparent the window is while it is being moved.

  • Contrain Y prevents windows from being moved off the top of the screen.

  • Snapoff Maximized Windows unmaximizes windows when you pull down on the titlebar, and maximizes them when you move the window to the top of the screen again

  • Lazy Positioning is a workaround to only sync the window position with the X server when the window is ungrabbed. If it is unchecked, the window position will be synced while moving, allowing fake terminal transparency and desktop pagers to work properly. If you experience performance problems while it is off, turn it on.

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