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The Opacify plugin is used to make windows overlapping the window you are hovering over automatically become more transparent so you can see the entire window you are hovering over, without raising it or focusing it.




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First Release : Beryl 0.2.0

Using Opacify

  • When enabled, Opacify is on by default and is not called with a binding. To use it, hover over a window that is obscured by other windows and wait until the windows overlapping the window you are hovering over become transparent. The default wait time is 700 milliseconds


  • Reset Opacity to original values when toggling will reset the opacity of all windows to the Active Opacity level when you toggle opacify on with a keybinding

  • Delay until Opacification defines how long in milliseconds before the window you are hovering over becomes the Active Opacity and the windows overlapping it become the Passive Opacity

  • Only increase opacity when a window is blocking only increases the opacity of a window when others are overlapping it

  • Bypass delay when the new active window is the focused window immediately makes a window that becomes focused the Active Opacity

  • Bypass delay when Opacify is reducing the opacity on one or more windows ignores the opacity delay when for example

    • Window A is covering B, which is covering C which covers D
    • You hover over B, and after the delay A becomes Passive

    • You hover straight from B to C and B immediately becomes Passive

    • The same would happen if you went from window C to D and so on
  • Window Match defines which windows to apply Opacify rules to. If a window is not in the match, it will not be opacified or turn transparent. For more information on how to write a window match, see Window Matching

  • Active Opacity defines the opacity of windows that are hovered over, or not overlapping a window that is being hovered over

  • Passive Opacity defines the opacity of windows that are overlapping the window that is being hovered over.

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