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<<Card(Plugin align=right, name=Put, icon=plugin-put.png, pack=[:PluginsMain:Plugins Main], cat=Window Management, hist=,)>> <<Card(Plugin align=right, name=Put, icon=plugin-put.png, pack=[[PluginsMain|Plugins Main]], cat=Window Management, hist=,)>>




Plugins Main


Window Management

The Put plugin allows you to put any active window on screen on any viewport, or any position by using keypad bindings

Using Put

  • To put a window on any part of the screen, use <Super> and any of the following Keypad numbers

    • 1 For the bottom left corner of the screen

    • 2 For the bottom edge of the screen

    • 3 For the bottom right corner of the screen

    • 4 For the left edge of the screen

    • 5 For the middle of the screen

    • 6 For the right of the screen

    • 7 For the top left corner of the screen

    • 8 For the top edge of the screen

    • 9 For the top right corner of the screen

  • To restore the initial position of the window, press <Super>Keypad0

  • To put the corner of the window nearest the the pointer to the position of the pointer, press <Super>Z


  • Speed refers to how fast the window moves when it is put at a position.

  • Timestep refers to how often the windows' final position is re-calculated, a low timestep will produce a window that moves slowly and accurately to it's position and a high timestep will produce windows that overshoot thier destination and bounce back

  • Unfocus Window makes the window loose it's focus when it is put somewhere

  • Window Center makes the center of the window move towards the pointer, when you Put Pointer instead of moving the nearest corner

  • Avoid Offscreen avoids placing any part of the window offscreen, so it is constrained on-screen.

  • Padding refers to the number of pixels the window will be away from the following edges when put.

    • Left
    • Right
    • Top
    • Bottom

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