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The Reflection plugin is a window border decoration option that works in conjunction with Emerald Theme Manager. It allows images (containing, for example, textures or solid colors) to be used on a translucent or transparent emerald theme as an overlay, creating the appearance of a "reflection" on the surface of the window. The plugin accepts PNG, JPG, or SVG images.

<!> In order to use PNGs, JPGs and/or SVGs with this plugin, please make sure that the corresponding plugins are enabled in the Image Loading category.


The first consideration is the image itself. Any number of resolutions can work from 512x512 and higher; the larger the dimensions of the image are, the more detail can be seen in the reflection. An image size of 1024x1024 allows for reasonable file sizes while also retaining enough detail.


First, open Emerald Theme Manager and locate the theme you are using, click the "Edit Themes" tab and turn off shadows by sliding the shadow sliders all the way left. If the shadows are enabled on the emerald theme you use, the reflection image will be projected onto the shadows as well. This can lead to some interesting effects, as seen below on the left image, however most of the time it is unattractive. Also be sure that you have transparency on your theme, otherwise the reflection image will not show.

Left image Emerald shadows enabled..Right image Emerald shadows disabled.



Sample reflection images

(If you are using the Rotate Cube plugin, the second thing that needs to be done is to set the Window Match option to "!type=desktop". Without this option, the reflection image will be projected onto desktop cube as you rotate it.)<< This does not occur on normal installations- Default settings normally work well with no problems.

In the Reflection plugin there are just a few settings.

Reflection Image

This is to locate and use the image you want as your reflection.

Window match

This should be set to any, see the Window Matching guide to customize.

Reflection for Windows

Enabled, this will allow the reflection image to show, for example, on the terminal window if it is transparent, or screenlets if they have a transparency to them.

Reflection for Decorations

Enabled, It does exactly what it states, allows the reflection image to show up on all of the window decorations/ borders.

Alpha Dependence Threshold

This will essentially make the reflection image more transparent if moved to the left and more opaque if moved to the right.

Moving reflection

This is similar to the animate skydome option in Desktop Cube in that it will allow the reflection image to be somewhat animated as you move the window around, however, the images appear to move without this enabled and the difference, depending on the reflection image itself, can go unnoticed.

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