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Resize Window



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Window Managment

Initial Compiz Plugin

The Resize Window plugin provides the basic window-resizing functionality for Compiz, as well as some new resize effects.

Using Resize Window

  • To resize a window normally, just grab corner of a window where the cursor changes to a 'resize window' cursor and drag.
  • You can also use <Alt>Button2 to initiate resize while hovering over any part of a window, or

  • <Alt>F8 to initiate window resize and <Alt>F8 to finish window resize


The Resize Window plugin offers four different resize modes:

  • Normal
    • Slow on some systems, the window redraws itself as you resize it.
  • Stretch
    • The window texture is stretched as you resize it, however this may lead to distortion and pixellation
  • Outline
    • An outline of the window is shown on screen, showing the window's shape before ungrabbing
  • Rectangle
    • A filled, semi-transparent rectangle is shown as you resize the window, showing the area it will cover.
  • Default Resize Mode refers to which of these modes is used by default when you resize a window normally

  • Border Color is used by the Outline resize mode to define the color of the outline

  • Fill Color is used by the Rectangle resize mode to define the color of the rectangle

Finally, you can set a window match, for which windows to apply which modes to. For more information on how to write a match, see Window Matching.

Resize Info



Plugins Extra



First Release

Resize Info

The Resize Info plugin shows a box to tell you what dimensions your windows are as they are resized.

Using Resize Info

  • Resize Info is on by default when you enabled the Resize Info plugin
  • To use it with all windows, check Show Resize Info for all Windows

  • The resize box will be shown when you resize the window


  • Fade Time defines how long the resize info window takes to fade in

  • Text Color defines what color the text is

  • Gradient Color 1 / 2 / 3 defines the 3 colors for the background gradient.

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