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Card(Plugin align=right, name=Snapping Windows, icon=plugin-snap.png, pack=[:PluginsMain:Plugins Main], cat=Window Management, hist= Beryl 0.2.0 release plugin,)

The Snapping Windows plugin provides basic functionality to stick the edges of windows and screen to each other with some degree of force. Use this if you want to be able to snap your windows to other windows or screen edges, but have disabled the [:Plugins/Wobbly:Wobbly] plugin.

Using Snapping Windows

  • Snapping windows is on by default when enabled, just move a window to another window or screen edge and it will attract and stick until you have moved it far enough.
  • To avoid a window snapping to another, hold down <Shift> while moving the window.


  • Snap Type Here you can define what types of snapping are available

    • Checking Edge Resistance makes windows snap to edges and you must move the mouse further before they un-snap

    • Checking Edge Attraction makes windows snap to edges as you get close to them

  • Edges allows you to define what is an edge

    • Checking Screen Edges makes windows snap to the edges of your screen

    • Checking Window Edges makes windows snap to the edges of other windows

  • The value Edge Resistance Distance defines how many pixels space you must move your mouse before the window un-snaps

  • The value Edge Attraction Distance defines how many pixels space windows must be next to each other before they snap.