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Window Previews



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Beryl 0.2.0 release plugin

The Window Previews displays a small thumbnail of any displayed (not minimized) window when you hover over it's button in your desktop environment's window list

Using Window Previews

  • Window Previews does not require a keybinding to be active. It is on by default.
  • To use Window Previews, hover your mouse cursor over a button on the taskbar.


  • Thumbnail Window
    • Thumbnail Window Size refers to how wide the thumbnail window should be. The aspect ratio is kept the same, so the width of the thumbnail windows will remain the same, however the height may vary

    • Show Delay is how long the mouse cursor must remain over the button until a thumbnail is shown in milliseconds

    • Thumbnail Border Size defines how large the border around the thumbnail should be

    • Thumbnail Border Glow Color defines what color the glow around the thumbnail should be, if Paint Window Like Border is unchecked

    • Fade In / Out Duration defines how long the fade in / out animation for the thumbnail window should be

    • Paint Window Like Background paints a 'Window' like glass background behind the thumbnail. Otherwise, a glow is painted around the thumbnail

  • Taskbar
    • Taskbar only shows windows of current viewport, use this if your taskbar only shows buttons for windows of the viewport you are on. Otherwise, leave it unchecked

    • Thumbnails always-on-top paints thumbnails above tooltips and any other window

  • Window Titles. You must have the Text plugin enabled for this feature to work

    • Enable Titles enables drawing a window title on the thumbnail

    • Bold Font makes the font bold

    • Font Size defines how large the font should be

    • Font Color defines the color of the font.


If you want to hide the thumbnails that your taskbar shows and use the Window Previews plugin instead, add the following rules to Opacity Matches under General Options

    • name=gnome-panel & type=tooltip, Opacity 0

  • KDE
    • name=kicker & type=tooltip, Opacity 0

  • XFCE
    • name=xfce-panel & type=tooltip, Opacity 0

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