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[[Card(Plugin align=right, name=Trailfocus, icon=plugin-trailfocus.png, pack=[:PluginsExtra:Extra], cat=Effects, hist=)]] <<Card(Plugin align=right, name=Trailfocus, icon=plugin-trailfocus.png, pack=[[PluginsExtra|Plugins Extra]], cat=Effects, hist=)>>
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[[TableOfContents]] <<TableOfContents>>




Plugins Extra



The Trailfocus plugin adjusts the opacity, saturation and brightness of windows based on when they were last focused.



The brightness, opacity and saturation levels can be set, as percentages, for focused and unfocused windows.


Window Types

Which windows are affected by the effect. Defined using WindowMatching rules.

Number of Windows to Track

How many windows are affected by the effect.

Window to Start Fading

After this number of different windows have been focused, any more windows will begin to have the effect applied to them.

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