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Video Playback



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Announced on 5 March 2007 by David Reveman

The Video Playback plugin gives Compiz direct access to the video texture in a compliant video player application, such as mplayer (with the necessary patch applied). In other words, it enables composited Xv output.

This has the advantage of making the video render much more quickly (ie. with less lag); without this plugin, the video texture would first need to pass through the Xv output, then to Compiz, and then finally be drawn on the screen.

For users with Intel graphics cards, in addition to providing a speed improvement, the Video Playback plugin is required to have correctly transformed video output with scaling enabled.


YV12 colorspace

Provides YV12 colorspace support.

Additional resources

mplayer needs to be patched before compiling in order for it to support this plugin's capabilities.

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