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Viewport Switcher



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Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 release plugin

The Viewport Switcher is used to switch viewports via different keystrokes and buttons. You can use it with the middle mouse button on the desktop and by pressing a keybinding and selecting a viewport number.

Using Viewport Switcher

Viewport Switcher allows you to capture actions on your desktop such as clicks and use them for viewport switching

  • To move to the next viewport, press <Button5> (Scroll up)

  • To move to the previous viewport, press <Button4> (Scroll down)

  • To initiate the plugin's action (Default: Initiate cube free rotation), press <Button2>

Viewport switcher also allows you to switch viewports by pressing a keybinding and then a number. This can be done once the keybinding is set. Hold the keybinding, then press the number of the viewport you want to go to


  • Move Left/Right/Up/Down are buttons, that when clicked on the desktop, you will move in that direction on the desktop grid. Up and Down may only be used with switchers that support vertical desktop layouts such as Wall.

  • Plugin for initiate action, Action name for initiate are used in combination to set an action that will be called when you click on the desktop with the button specified in Initiate plugin action. In order to know these, you must check the name the plugin and action name in the plugin's metadata. Some common combinations would be:

    • Plugin : "rotate"
    • Action Name : "initiate_button"
    • Description : When the button is pressed on the desktop, the cube free rotation will initiate
    • Plugin : "firepaint"
    • Action Name : "initiate_button"
    • Description : When the button is pressed on the desktop, firepaint will initiate

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