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== Desktop Plane ==

Desktop Plane (Compiz) is a simpler version of [:Plugins/Wall:Desktop Wall] (Compiz Fusion)

Youtube videos:
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eaI9YcxD9s Desktop wall]
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPFs7y2k73s Desktop plane]

[http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3488096 Difference between Desktop Wall and Desktop Plane? - Ubuntu Forums]

Card(Plugin align=right, name=Desktop Wall, icon=plugin-wall.png, pack=[:PluginsMain:Plugins Main], cat=Desktop, hist=Originally [:Plugins/Expo:Expo] was part of this plugin)

The Desktop Wall is a lightweight alternative to the Desktop Cube plugin. It is used to change viewports, has support for viewport previews and can use viewports on the horizonal plane and the vertical plane. The [:Plugins/Expo:Expo] plugin works well with the Desktop Wall plugin.

Youtube video: [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eaI9YcxD9s Desktop wall]

Using Desktop Wall

  • To navigate in the Desktop Wall, use <Control><Alt> with Up, Down, Left, or Right

  • To navigate in the Desktop Wall with a window, use <Control><Alt><Shift> with Up, Down, Left, or Right

  • To edge flip with the pointer, enable Edge Flip Pointer then move your mouse to the Top, Bottom, Right or Left of the screen.

  • To edge flip with a window, enable Edge Flip Move then move your window to the Top, Bottom, Right or Left of the screen.

  • To wrap around the wall (eg, moving up past the highest vertical viewport takes you to the lowest) enable Allow Wrap Around.

Viewport Switcher Preview

The desktop switcher window is shown when you switch viewports. It indicates how many viewports you have, how they are arranged, which one you are switching to and a preview of that viewport.


The Viewport Switcher Window

  • To show the Viewport Switcher Preview, check this option. To show live desktop thumbnails in the preview, check Show Live Viewport Previews

  • Defining appearance
    • Edge Radius defines how rounded the edges of the preview are

    • Switch Target Preview Visibility Time defines how long the viewport previews is shown for.

    • Color Configuration : You can configure the following colors of the viewport switcher window.
      • Arrow Base color and shadow color
      • Background gradient base, highlight and shadow color
      • Highlight gradient base and shadow color
      • Thumbnail base and shadow color


  • Switch Separately switches both heads separately at the same time, instead of seeing the whole wall, you only see your screen

  • Switch All switchers both heads at the same time, switching the entire viewport across both screens, instead of part of the viewport.

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