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The Widget Layer plugin provides functionality to show and hide your widgets at will. You can define what windows are widgets and press a key / mouse button or screen edge to show them.

Defining Widgets

(!) The Widget Layer plugin uses Window Matching rules to define which windows you want to hide normally and show in the widget layer.

To define what windows are widgets, navigate to Widget -> Behavior and add some window matches there. A common one would be

(name=Screenlet & type=Utility)

This match will make all widgets from the RYX Screenlets Engine disappear and appear on the widget layer when the button is pressed.

If this doesn't work try

(name=screenletsd.py & type=Utility)

or for Screenlets v0.0.14 under Ubuntu Gutsy try


Referring to a widget

Once you have defined a match for a widget hint in the widget plugin, the widget plugin will automatically set a match so that you can use a smaller match to apply something to all widgets. The match is 'widget=1'. So if you have already entered in your matches for widgets in the widget plugin, and want to set an animation for those widgets appearing, you would add a new animation rule to the animation plugin, with the match 'widget=1'.

Omnipresent Widgets

You may also wish to set the widgets up as "Sticky" so that they appear no matter what desktop you are on. This can be achieved using the Window Rules plugin and adding "widget=1" to the sticky option.

Common widget programs

The widget plugin requires an external widget engine to draw the widgets. Some common widget programs are:

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