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The Workarounds plugin contains some workarounds to make some popular applications and software toolkits operate correctly with Compiz Fusion.

<!> These are workarounds, and while they do fix certain aspects of your system, they may break others.

Here is a run-down of what each workaround does:

  • Legacy Fullscreen Support

    • This allows legacy and non-standard toolkits such as WINE fullscreen properly while using Compiz Fusion.
  • Firefox Menu Fix

    • This fixes the Mozilla Firefox (AKA IceWeasel) menus to detect properly using Compiz's Window Matching interface

  • Java Window Fix

    • By default, the Java toolkit uses the Windows name to tell us what its type is and sets its X type to 'Unknown.' This will fix this by detecting the Java windows name and setting its type
  • Qt Window Fix

    • This fixes some window type detection on Qt4 and Qt3. It also fixes detection of menus on old X applications and Motif-based applications.
  • AIGLX Fragment Parameter Fix

    • This fixes a problem with graphic cards that support GL_ARB_fragment_program. It should fix any effect that uses glProgramEnvParameter4f(), confirmed list is:
      • Blur
      • Water
      • Mag : Fisheye
      • Reflection
  • Make "on all desktops" windows "sticky"

    • This detects whether an application has been given the hint to stick to all workspaces. This sets the Compiz 'Sticky' hint for those windows so that they stick to all viewports.

  • "On all desktops" sticky match

    • A list of windows to consider when deciding which "on all desktops" windows should be made sticky.

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