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Zoom Desktop



Compiz Plugins



The Zoom Desktop plugin offers the ability to zoom in for an enlarged view of the screen.

Using Zoom Desktop

Zoom Desktop works by causing the entire screen to zoom in, effectively giving you a more readable view of a portion of the screen. The visible area of the screen can be panned by using the Zoom Pan mouse binding, which defaults to <Super>Button2.

You cannot interact with other windows while the screen is zoomed in. If you need to be able to work with other windows while zoomed in, consider using the Enhanced Zoom Desktop plugin.



Default Binding


Click and drag with this button to select a region to zoom into. Will zoom in as much as needed to make the selected region best fit the entire screen.


Zoom In

Will zoom in by the amount set for Zoom factor


Zoom Out

Will zoom out by the amount set for Zoom factor.


Zoom Pan

Click and drag with this button to move the zoomed field of view.



This section contains an explanation of every option available to this plugin, presented in the same order as they appear in CCSM.


The movement speed when zooming in or out.


How "springy" the zooming movement is.

Zoom factor

How far the screen is zoomed in or out each time the Zoom In and Zoom Out bindings are used, respectively.

Filter Linear

If enabled, the zoomed image will be smoothed to avoid sharply visible pixels.