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There are quite a few plugins that lack icons in CCSM. This is a simple list describing those plugins, why they need an icon, ideas for the icon's appearance, etc.

Packaged Plugins

This plugins are included in a package, be it plugins-main or plugins-extra, that is regularly distributed.

  • None! - Be happy. There are no packaged plugins without icons!

Development Plugins

These are not officially packaged, but are in good standing for future inclusion.

  • Mouse Trails - Stable, requested feature. Obvious choice is to show a mouse with trails. Candidates: some-guy-mousetrails.png

  • Static Switcher - Stable, requested feature. Should look like regular switcher, but with multiple rows.

  • Workspace Naming - Stable, small. Show a workspace with a blob on the bottom?


These plugins are either not intended for future inclusion, not remotely ready for packaging, or are too specific to be included.

  • Shadows - Show some windows with "proper" shadows

  • Test - The Test pseudo-plugin is for testing features in CCSM, but does not test the use of icons. No ideas currently.

  • Prompt - Displays text prompts for Wiimote, should depict such a prompt.

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