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What is Plugins Main

Compiz Fusion Plugins Main is a collection of plugins supported by the Compiz Fusion developers.

List of plugins in Plugins Main

  • [:Plugins/Animation:Animation]: Animations for window open, close, minimize/restore, focus and shade events.

  • [:Plugins/Colorfilter:Color filter]: Provides various filters to improve accessibility to vision impaired users.

  • [:Plugins/Expo:Expo]: Displays all viewports and allows the movement of a window from one viewport to another.

  • [:Plugins/Ezoom:Enhanced Zoom]: Improved version of the Zoom plugin, featuring interaction with windows while zooming, plus several accessibility improvements such as focus tracking.

  • [:Plugins/ImageLoading#jpeg:JPEG]: Adds jpeg images support to Compiz.
  • [:Plugins/Neg:Negative]: Shows negatives of windows.

  • [:Plugins/Opacify:Opacify]: Reduce opacity of windows overlapping the window currently hovered over by the mouse pointer.

  • [:Plugins/Put:Put]: Adds bindings to move windows to several positions.

  • [:Plugins/Resizeinfo:Resize info]: Provides a small information window about the window dimensions during window resize.

  • [:Plugins/Switcher#ring:Ring Switcher]: An alternative application switcher plugin that arranges all windows in a ring.
  • [:Plugins/Scale#addon:Scale Addons]: Improves Compiz Scale plugin by displaying hovered windows titles or highlighting the currently selected window.
  • [:Plugins/Switcher#Shift:Shift Switcher]: An alternative application switcher plugin that provides a 3D view of the switching process.

  • [:Plugins/Wobbly#snap:Snapping Windows]: Adds snapping during window movement if the wobbly plugin is disabled.
  • [:Plugins/ImageLoading#text:Text]: Offers pango-cairo based text rendering for different plugins.
  • [:Plugins/Thumbnail:Window Previews]: Shows a small thumbnail of a window if the mouse is over its entry in the taskbar.

  • [:Plugins/Vpswitch:Viewport Mouse Switch]: Uses mouse actions performed on the background to change the current viewport.

  • [:Plugins/Wall:Desktop Wall]: Arranges all viewports as a wall and features visual sliding between viewports as well as a preview window during switching.

  • [:WindowMatching#winrules:Window Rules]: Enables setting of window properties by matching them by name, type, or other criteria.

  • [:Plugins/Workarounds:Workarounds]: Features several workarounds to improve behavior of legacy applications and such.