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Plugins Unsupported

The plugins in plugins-unsupported are there for you to try, but are not supported. Most of these plugins are some neat effects and utilities to try, but they are pretty bug-prone, or they are just demo plugins that are not really supported or useful. Thats not to say that you can still try them out. There are only 4 plugins in this pack, and they do cool things such as make parts of windows transparent - mostly for use if your terminal application does not support true transparency, draws snowflakes on your screen, allows you do switch viewports with mouse gestures and to tile your windows, however this is buggy. Clicking on a plugin's name below will give you some more information on that plugin and it's use.

  • [:Plugins/Fakeargb:Fake ARGB]

    • Makes certain parts of windows transparent
  • [:Plugins/Snow:Snow]

    • Makes snow fall on your desktop
  • [:Plugins/Mswitch:Mouse Switch]

    • Allows you to switch viewports using a mouse gesture
  • [:Plugins/Tile:Tile]

    • Tiles your windows, either in equal space, horizontally or vertically