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Compiz logo

Compiz is the name of the community project as it currently stands. It is the result of the merging of all the branches of the original Compiz which started at Novell created by David Reveman, Beryl, Compiz-Fusion etc. The logo on the right is the official project logo. Compiz originally began at Novell as a complement to the now defunct XGL display server. While the now defunct Compiz-Fusion was offered as a complement to Compiz, Compiz referred to the project on freedesktop.org, which provided the core for the Compiz-Fusion functionality to be based on.



Beryl logo

Beryl was the name of a community project that was forked from Compiz in August 2006. Many community developers who worked on Compiz switched to work on Beryl when the fork occurred. Beryl was very similar to Compiz code-wise, however it was ultimately unmaintainable. The developers of Compiz and Beryl agreed in August 2006 that a new project would be formed from code derived from both Compiz-Extra and Beryl as a compliment to Compiz. The project was later known as Compiz-Fusion. Many of the former Beryl developers worked on Compiz-Fusion and now work on Compiz.



Compiz-Fusion lgoo

Compiz-Fusion was the name given to a project that served as a number of plugins and utilities as a compliment to the freedesktop.org Compiz core. It represented the community aspect to Compiz development. After Novell departed the freedesktop.org Compiz project, it was decided by a five-member guiding council to discontinue the project as a separate project and instead merge it into one project called Compiz in February 2009.

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