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Setup and Installation

Due to its nature as a compositing window manager, Compiz requires some additional configuration of your system before you can begin using it.

Hardware setup and configuration

You'll need to set up and install your hardware and X server correctly to provide 3D acceleration to Compiz. Please see our Harware Setup guide to see how to configure your hardware

Obtaining a copy of Compiz

There are several different ways to obatin Compiz Fusion. To see the general installation guide, see our Compiz Fusion Installation Guide

Autostart and administration

If you want, you can add some scripts to make Compiz Fusion start with your system, and add some final touches. A link to a guide for this will be added later.

Other useful resources

There will eventually be a link to a First Use Guide here. You can find a little about Compiz Fusion, in our About Compiz Fusion document

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